It might not be obvious, but search engine optimization and email marketing can be used together to strengthen your marketing efforts. Your email newsletter content can drive subscriber behaviors that boost your rankings while SEO can assist you in structuring your email campaign. By utilizing SEO tools you will discover which content your subscribers find of value.

You can start by studying your backlinks, which are sites that link back to your site. The more backlinks your website has, the more trustworthy the content on your site will be perceived by Google. To increase your backlinks and increase your rankings, share your content with your subscribers. This will increase your visibility when those readers find value in your content and share it through their websites and social media circles.

Studying the backlinks of sites with content or a business similar to yours can lead to the discovery of new keywords. You can incorporate these new keywords into your own content and then share it in your newsletters so that your subscriber’s visits will start your own rankings with those keywords. If you notice keywords with which competing sites are ranking higher, and your site ranks lower, an email campaign can make subscribers aware of that content and increase your rankings.

Page visits aren’t the only statistics that matter. Engaging your visitors so they spend time on your site is also important. Google Analytics is a useful tool that will show you how much time visitors spend engaging with your site. By knowing what visitors read, you’ll discover content that can potentially be engaging to your subscribers, which should lead you to include this content in your email marketing campaign. For pages receiving less traffic but offer good content, update the content and make it easier to find on your site and share it in your newsletter as well. Google rewards time spent on a site by increasing the page’s organic ranking.

The stronger your email campaign, the more frequently your subscribers will want to visit your page, even without an email reminder. Make your content easy for visitors to share. This can be achieved by providing social media icons next to your content.

Email marketing campaigns can be structured around your SEO analytics to drive engagement, just as analytics can inform your email campaigns. Using these two marketing tools together can strengthen your strategy and drive you to create content that engages while increasing rankings.