Every business should have a target market (or markets) that it strives to attract. The better your definition of your market, the more effective your marketing will likely be. In many cases, as you drill down into what your audience should be, you identify a few different groups. By designing some smart target markets, you can improve your advertising and achieve success.

What Is Smart Targeting?

Smart targeting is a type of market definition that uses some elements of artificial intelligence to determine who to target. This is typically used as part of PPC or other online advertising campaigns. Smart targeting may involve some behavioral elements of the market definition. By using previous behavior, your marketing platform can identify users who likely fit within your target audience.

How Does It Work?

This depends on the platform. Facebook, for example, will let you use audience insights to help find relevant data and use that to construct a smart target market. You can also create lookalike audiences using similar technology.

Mailchimp, the popular email marketing tool, lets you integrate CRM data to find new leads that are similar to your current ones. Again, this is leveraging the power of AI to programmatically identify people are would likely fit your audience.


There are several great reasons to start using smart targeting to help define your audience. When used right, it can earn you some serious benefits:

  • Greater Focus: Your marketing efforts will be more focused on the people who are likely to buy your products. You can hone the target market for your products to be more exactly defined.
  • Save Money: When you are only targeting the audiences that are genuinely interested in your products, you will save money. You’ll also see a much higher return on investment.
  • Varied Uses: Many technologies for smart targeting can be used for different goals. You may want to improve your PPC campaigns or enhance your email marketing. The more comfortable you get with the technology, the more benefit you can get from it.

For these reasons and more, smart targeting can be a valuable addition to your marketing strategy. While this can be challenging to learn at first, it is a worthwhile investment in many cases.

Get Started

Leveraging smart target markets is easier when you have the right help. The benefits of using this technology are worth the time and effort to implement smart targeting into your strategy.