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Online Advertising

Online Advertising Plays a Crucial Role in Your Marketing Campaign

In the past, most companies relied on video ads, posters and billboards to advertise to their customers. These days, virtually any company can use digital advertising to reach customers where they spend a great deal of time already: online. This may range from running pay-per-click ads to distributing newsletters.

Common Online Advertising Tools

There are many different tools used in online advertising. Here are three of the most common:

  • PPC Ads: Google AdWords is the most popular PPC provider, but you may also consider Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and even Quora.
  • Social Media: You may notice some of these platforms are social media platforms. However, social media marketing requires more than just running ads. Brands also need to engage with their customers.
  • Email Marketing: Newsletters reach potential customers and urge them further down the funnel. Email campaigns also play a key role in remarketing, where you reach out to prior visitors or customers and bring them back to your website.

Kickstart Your Online Campaigns

Digital advertising really leveled the playing field for companies. Any brand can open a Facebook page or Google AdWords account and launch a campaign. However, this also made it necessary for the best of the best to stand out by relying on professional expertise. Contact The Digital Rams for more information today.


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